Why Ryan Flavors?

Hi, my name is Ryan Silva. I run Ryan Flavors and represent amazing brands like Capella Flavors.

There are many perks to using a Capella authorized distributor like Ryan Flavors. Here I list some that you can benefit from today.

1. We focus on service
Being a Capella partner means that we don’t need to focus on making the product. We focus on helping our customers get an amazing product in a way that is convenient, faster and plays nice with your pocket.

2. We are an authorized Capella Flavors distributor in the US and internationally.
We work closely with Capella Flavors to fulfill special orders no matter the size. We are a Capella reseller with special access to the largest sizes out of our NJ production facility.

3. We handle a customized client list.
Having a client list of less than 200 customers means we can personalize service to each of our special clients and turn product around much more efficiently than what is typical.

We tailor our services based on the size and needs of our customers. We work closely with our production facility in Kenilworth, NJ to serve our larger wholesale clients with single gallons, 5 Gallon buckets, 15 Gallon drums, and 50 Gallon drums of flavors.

Meanwhile, clients that require less than gallons can receive Ryan’s service directly from the Carlsbad, CA facility.

4. Our clients have nothing but praise for our service
“Ryan Flavors has helped Ruthless grow their business and find additional savings with our Capella Flavors orders. He was able to provide a quicker and more efficient way to fulfill our orders. Ryan provides clear and timely communication which saves us time on follow up. He handles the entire process, and this allows us to focus on growing our business”

– Francesca Canlas, (CIO) Ruthless E-Juice

5. We go beyond flavors

We also represent one of the largest glycerine suppliers in the industry. This is a product we can supply in 5 Gallon pails all the way up to 275 Gallon totes and beyond.

The glycerine is Malaysian sourced, resulting in the best quality product. It comes well documented with proof of origin, and Certificates of Analysis.

Our flavor concentrates contain no fats, calories, sweeteners or sodium.